What size am I in Kix'ies®?
See chart below!
Measure by height first and weight second. We all carry our weight differently; be it in the tush, tummy or thighs. 

With thigh highs you need only be concerned with height and thigh size when finding the right fit.

How do I care for my Kix'ies®?
​Hand wash cold or machine wash with hosiery bag. Do not bleach. Drip dry.

What is the fabric content in Kix'ies®?

Tight: 10% Spandex/90% Nylon       Band: 12% Silicon/55% Nylon/33% Polyester

Are there any special "wearing" instructions for my Kix'ies®?

YES! Wear them with pride! Wear them with confidence! Wear them with a smile! And it also helps to not have lotion around where the spandex band is to ensure a snug-stay-up fit!

How much is Shipping? 

Orders up to $20.00 = $4.00 shipping

$20.01 - $80.00 = $6.00 shipping

$80.01 - $200.00 = $8.00 shipping

Over $200.00 = FREE shipping

Specified shipping charges only apply to US destinations. To place an order for out of the Country shipping, please email info@kixies.com or call us at 925.889.9571.