The Kix'ies® Girls


Ally: Sweet & Sassy

My daughter who is a mirror reflection of myself. All the stories I heard about myself growing up; how stubborn, sassy and opinionated I was… it is all there in “Ally” and I love everything about this amazing child.

Tiffany: Caring & Genuine

My sister who has always been there for me, even when our mother forced her to take her “little sister” along. She is one of the most caring, genuine and likeable people in the world. We have so many memories together and I am honored to call her my sister.

Kimmie: Generous & Compassionate

My mother; the most amazing mom in the world. I would not be who I am without her and I could not do what I do if it weren’t for her support. She is the most generous and selfless person I know. I have never seen a grandmother more involved or more in love with her grand babies. We are truly blessed to have her in our lives.

Beth Ann: Passionate & Positive

This is a woman who works harder than anyone I have ever met in my life. However, it is not just about the “work”, it is about having passion for what you do and finding the positive in everything and everyone and most importantly, it is about compassion and the love for life.

Annabelle: Strong & Independent

Early in my career it was Annabelle (more affectionately referred to as “Anna”) who taught me how to stand up for myself and that it was ok to “ask” - I didn’t always have to be the one to “give”. Anna taught me to be strong and to above all else, be myself.

Dana Lynn: Faithful & Fun

This is the best friend we all should have. The one where you can pick up a phone after a month of not speaking and it is as it you just saw each other the day before. She is loyal, kind hearted, a wonderful mother, a true friend, and a ton of fun to be around!

Meet The Kix'ies® Girls

The Founder


Samantha: If you read on about the six “Kix’ies®” girls, you will get some insight into who I am or who I strive to be. These six individuals have touched my life in a way that no one else has. I learn from them, I lean on them, I respect them and I love them.

The Story Behind The Brand:


    I was seventeen years old and getting in the most popular boy at schools truck for a ride home. As I climbed in, my skirt got stuck in my backpack, exposing my “nylon butt,” you know, when a girls’ rear end is smushed into a pair of high-waisted nylon tights. I quickly jerked my skirt free and hopped in the truck, but the thought that he had seen me at my unflattering worst horrified me.*

    That day, I decided I never wanted to be humiliated like that again. So I went out looking for something fun to wear on my legs that didn’t pinch my waist and make me look like a stuffed sausage. But all I could find were those traditional thigh-high stockings, the super thin ones that run if you look at them the wrong way and come in only the most boring colors.

    I never found this thigh-high I dreamed of, but the idea was always there in the back of my mind; I even knew I wanted to name them something fun and, well, “kicky” like my mom used to say whenever we wore something cute and sassy. 

    But this little thing called life intervened. I got busy with work and raising my kids, and my thigh-high idea took a back seat. 

    That was until one sunny day, drifting out on a sailboat, I told a very dear friend my idea and the story behind it. It was in that moment that I knew I could do it. Sometimes all it takes is just the right person to give you the confidence, to believe in you enough that you believe in yourself. It was that day I began to put the wheels in motion.

    Along the way, I’ve learned a lot, and one of the most important things I realized was how starting this venture would let me give back to the people and causes that mean so much to me. I made the decision to donate a percentage of each Kix’ies® sale to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in honor of my dad who passed away from Hodgkins Lymphoma in 1995. And because I had the support of so many great women throughout my life, I named the first six designs after them.

    Though my story is a good one, what’s even better is the product itself. I am so proud and excited to share Kix’ies® Thigh Highs with you.

    Here’s why: I believe we want to feel good about ourselves. We don’t  want to be crammed in a pair of tights with the dreaded “muffin” top
poking out for the world to see. 

    Kix’ies® are practical, comfortable, and even healthy for women (they let our “girl parts” breathe). And yes, they may even feel a bit sexy to wear, which is an added bonus! 



*I’m happy to report that when I ran into that boy at our 10-year high-school reunion, he had no recollection of seeing my butt in all its
nylon-encased glory!